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6 Ideas For A Laid-Back Valentine's Day At Home

Before you get swept up in the whirlwind of red roses, champagne flutes and dinners that cost your life savings, stop for a moment and ask yourself. What is Valentine's Day really about? Is it about materialism, consumerism and grand gestures that cost a pretty penny? Or is it about celebrating the unique love you share with your partner, in your own special way?

There's nothing wrong with looking forward to and being excited for a typical Valentine's Day experience, replete with flowers, wine-ing and dining. But if you are tired of celebrating the day of love at expensive restaurants filled to the brim with equally enthusiastic couples, we get it. Which is why, we have compiled a list of date night ideas for you, which don't require you to leave the comfort of your home.

So without any further ado, let's jump into this guide to celebrating Valentine's Day at home, with comfort, ease and heaps of love!

1. Participate In A Cook-Off With Each Other

The point here isn't to see who can create the most Masterchef worthy meal. It is to kick it back, share several laughs and have fun in the face of healthy competition with your best friend!

It also doesn't matter if neither of you has any real culinary skills to boast of, just sharing the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients, cooking what the other person likes, and occasionally trying to sabotage their process, is enough to bring the two of you closer together in love.

Need some ideas of what to cook for your cook-off? Visit Cuisine Bon Vivant's website for loads of brilliant ideas.

2. Orchestrate A Wine Tasting Session

Just because you two have decided not to venture out for the night, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to fore-go being fancy!

Invest in different bottles of wine, preferably ones that are reasonably priced and you haven't tried earlier, set-up a cheese plate, and turn your dining room table into a grand wine-tasting venue!

Regardless of whether you end up discovering a new favourite wine, your tipsy Valentine's Day story will be a memory you will cherish forever!

3. Have An At-Home Spa Night

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the heady yet comforting feeling of love. So why not spend this special day loving your partner as well as yourself?

If you, your wallet or your preferences are not up for a fancy couple's massage, we suggest that you bring the spa home this Valentine's Day 2021!

Splurge on some aromatherapy candles, face masks, pedicure kits and body scrubs, and kick up your feet with your partner on the V-Day for some much-needed pampering!

4. Have A Picnic In Your Living Room

Who said you need to travel to a sprawling park to have a picnic?

This Valentine's Day 2021, turn your living room into the perfect picnic spot and have a garden party on your rug!

Buy all the snacks, tidbits and drinks you need, roll out a mat and lounge out with your partner, dine with Cuisine Bon Vivant's curated 3-Course Valentine's Day Menu, talking about everything under the sun, and falling in love, over and over again!

5. Enjoy A Karaoke Night At Home

The love you share with your partner deserves to be sung about from every rooftop, and your significant other has definitely earned the right to being serenaded!

So bust out that karaoke system that's been sitting and collecting dust in the corner of your living room, and team up with your partner to belt out love ballads all night!

6. Breakfast For Dinner

Isn't breakfast just another synonym for happiness?

So this Valentine's Day, we are asking you to team up with your partner to engage in the most satisfying act of rebellion of all time, breakfast for dinner!

Pancakes, waffles or sunny side up, however you like your first meal of the day, is how you should end this special day.

Bonus? Breakfast is also the easiest meal to make, so no hours of prepping and slogging in the kitchen for a special Valentine's Day dinner!

Alternatively, just order Cuisine Bon Vivant's 3-Course Valentine's Day Dinner and leave the cooking up to us.

At the end of the day, whether it's a bar, restaurant or your home that you decide to spend Valentine's Day 2021in, what matters most is the person next to you! Celebrate the little, seemingly trivial things that make the two of you a couple, and fall in love all over again like it's the first time you laid eyes on them! Happy Valentine's Day!

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